Sunday, May 11, 2003

Freakin' Kansas weather
It was hot in the Kansas City area yesterday, I tell you, hot. Hot and muggy. The kind of weather where just standing around outside is enough to make you sweat. The kind of weather I hate. We had a wedding to go to about three hours west and a bit south, smack in the middle of the state. Before we left I seriously considered not bringing my suit jacket, for what kind of masochist would wear wool on such a hot day? But in the interest of good taste, I brought it anyway. My wife and kids were dressed in light summer-ish clothes - they were going to feel great while I slowly melted into a pool of fatty liquid.

Now, being from Kansas I should have known better, for when we arrived it was cold. Really cold. Cold and windy and a wee bit wet, with just a teasing of a frosty sprinkle from time to time. Thanks to my parents for digging up jackets and scarves for my severely underdressed family.

Yet another reason why I will run for President under the platform that, under my esteemed leadership, the U.S. will pursue a weather control machine like they have in Start Trek episodes. It shouldn't be colder in May than it was in April, for Pete's sake. And a three-hour drive, especially one going south, shouldn't result in a 30-degree temperature drop. Oh yeah, and it shouldn't rain when I'm not in bed sleeping.


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