Thursday, May 29, 2003

Scott Ritter is nuts
Bill O'Reilley had Scott Ritter, the ex-weapons inspector turned ostrich, as a guest last night. I wish I could find a transcript for the interview, because it sure was entertaining (note: Fox does offer a service to search for transcripts and video, but it ain't free). It went something like this:

O'Reilley: Back in 1998, you said on NBC's Today show that Sadaam Hussein had the capability to attack the United States with chemical weapons. Why'd you change your position?
Ritter: I didn't say that.
O'Reilley: Yes you did. I have the transcript right here.
Ritter: Well, what I meant was Sadaam had the capability to build chemical weapons if he wanted to, but since he's a nice guy he wasn't actually going to do it.
O'Reilley: Yet just today the CIA confirmed that we found three trucks in Iraq that are, in effect, mobile chemical weapons laboratories.
Ritter: You need to read the report closer. What it actually says is the trucks were used to make slurry.
O'Reilley: Oh, come on, Mr. Ritter! Who needs to create slurry in the back of a truck? Surely these trucks were used to help hide Sadaam's weapons of mass destruction.
Ritter: Actually, I think it was an ice cream truck. Yeah, that's the ticket.
O'Reilley: Let's move on. So, before the war, you predicted the United States would lose the war, that we would suffer horrible casualties and run away with our tails between our legs. Why were you so wrong about this?
Ritter: I wasn't wrong.
O'Reilley: Pardon?
Ritter: The was isn't over yet. The United States may have won the first battle or two, but they're still there and there's worse to come. Everyone hates the United States. We're gonna pay!
O'Reilley: I'm sure there are people watching this show right now who think you're crazy.
Ritter: No I'm not! Listen, we won all the battles in Viet Nam, too, yet I recall it was a U.S. helicopter that was filmed fleeing the country because we lost the war!
O'Reilley: Yeah, well, thanks for coming.

Again, I wish I had a transcript, but it was something like that. And O'Reilley really did say something to the effect that everyone thinks Ritter is a nut. I don't understand why the guy is still invited on television. He is a nut. Yet another case, I suppose, where Fox sacrifices integrity for "good television".


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