Tuesday, July 29, 2003

NFL silliness
Scrappleface echoes my disgust with the NFL's race policies:
A day after the National Football League fined the Detroit Lions $200,000 for failing to interview black coaches when it hired Steve Mariucci, the league has ordered all quarterbacks to consider blacks as primary receivers on pass plays.
Israelis go home!
From Jay Nordlinger:
President Bush said, "It's very difficult to develop confidence between the Palestinians and Israel with a wall snaking through the West Bank." Yeah, well, it's very difficult to develop confidence when, day after day, terrorists come in to murder you. Look, the aim isn't to join hands like hippies in a Coke commercial, singing about love. The aim is to achieve a kind of peace, or a lack of war and murder. We must keep things modest here (speaking of realism) — such a peace, cold and hard, not warm and fuzzy, would be achievement enough.

The fence is one of the most innocuous defenses the Israelis could devise. In fact, it's sort of a test of intolerance of Israel: You don't like it when the Israelis undertake retaliatory raids; you don't like it when they carry out "targeted killings"; you don't like it when they bulldoze the homes of terrorists; you don't like the myriad other methods the Israelis employ. Well, how about a fence? You object to that, too? Okay: Is there anything the Israelis might do, to protect their citizens, that would be kosher by you? No? I guess the Israelis just have to fold their tents and go home.

But where's home?
Indeed. You've heard others talk about the double standard, and I don't have anything new or different to contribute to that discussion. All I can do is agree that it's appalling that, on the one hand, our government seeks toseverelyy limit Israel's capacity to defend itself from daily attacks while, on the other, we have gone our own global anti-terrorism campaign. Why the difference?

Monday, July 28, 2003

Goofiest film ever
Back in the days when the ads for "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" were still airing, I'd always turn to my wife and say, "This could quite possibly be the best movie ever!" I didn't have any intention of actually seeing it - well, maybe I'd rent it - but ironically, she saw it without me.

Tangent: someone please explain to me why a group of 30-something mothers would choose to spend their "Girls' Night Out" seeing a film that is so, so obviously not targeted at their demographic.

I saw it last night, and I can honestly say it was the goofiest film I have ever seen. I mean it was utterly and completely dumb, like that was the intention. They went out of their way to make you, the movie-goer, feel stupid for being there. I'll spare you the details. Here's the short review: the scenery was nice but the jokes were bad, the action scenes were spectacularly unbelievable and the plot was superfluous. John Cleese should feel ashamed for appearing in this film. Very ashamed. And I've seen "Fierce Creatures". This is worse.

For all its faults, "Full Throttle" is not the worst movie I've ever seen. That distinction belongs to "Young Einstein". At least I laughed a few times during "Full Throttle", though I suppose I wasn't always laughing at parts that were meant to be funny. However, I sat through all of "Young Einstein" without so much as cracking a smile.