Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Recall Arnold!
Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor of California yesterday by a significant margin. Fox News shows the future governor received over one million votes more than his closest competitor, Cruz Bustamante. There are some pointing out the similarities to Ronald Reagan, but I'd be surprised if Arnold could ever measure up, at least in the minds of most conservatives. Never mind that Arnold couldn't run for President anyway. Arnold's just not the same kind of Republican, and he's certainly no conservative. I wish him success, but given the dominantly Democratic legislature with which he has to work and that Bustamante will remain Lt. Governor, I don't think Arnold will get much accomplished without significant compromising. We'll see.

The election itself may have set some bad precedent:
But the Kennedy contingent aside, Democrats are already sniffing for blood. Now that a successful recall has been launched after 31 attempts in the state, Democrats are talking about recalling Schwarzenegger. California Democratic Party consultant Bob Mulholland said he was considering organizing a retaliatory recall if Schwarzenegger does not demonstrate solutions in the first 100 days.
Is someone bitter?

Jesse Jackson does not disappoint:
Rainbow/PUSH head Jesse Jackson (search), who has campaigned with Davis repeatedly for the last several weeks, announced that a challenge to the results was likely, since voters were disenfranchised by the speedy race that forced polling places to be condensed.

"To reduce [the number of polling places] by two thirds and consolidate, there are thousands of people who are disenfranchised," Jackson said.
For the sake of argument, let's assume Jackson is correct and there were thousands of people unable to vote yesterday. I'm not sure how he could know this for certain - polling after the fact would be disingenuous - but let's assume he's right. Arnold won by over one million votes. What would be the point? Let's have some civility, for Pete's sake.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Coincidence or conspiracy?
InstaPundit predicts a Dean/Edwards presidential ticket. Saturday Night Live has a cast member named Dean Edwards. What are you trying to tell us, Glenn? Hmmmmm......