Thursday, January 29, 2004

Heft and meaning
Johah Goldberg and Mike Potemra have a great discussion on freedom of speech and the marketplace of ideas going on over in the Corner. Start here and scroll up.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Signs that the end is near
There are no more honor rolls in Nashville schools, partly because of privacy concerns and partly to protect the self esteem of those kids that don't make the grade. Says one concerned parent:
"This is as backward as it gets," said Miriam Mimms, who has a son at Meigs Magnet School. "There has to be a way to come back from the rigidity."
Ah, but this is not as backwards as it gets. There's plenty that can be done to encourage kids not to strive for success or to improve themselves. I foresee a time when all grades and standards will be eliminated. They'll stop keeping score for the football and basketball games. They may even have to eliminate sports altogether (there can be only one quarterback, and wouldn't the fellow who didn't get the job feel just awful?). They won't have class officers anymore (too embarrassing for the losing candidates). No student-given speeches or presentations will be allowed (too obvious who has talent and who does not). Admission to any college you choose will be guaranteed. In the end, when the kids graduate, their high school diploma will be no more meaningful than a "participated" ribbon at the science fair, and we'll be all the worse for it.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Should have had the birthday filet instead
I started the Atkins diet about a month ago and it's been going well, but with my son's birthday this past weekend I decided to enjoy myself and have cake and ice cream. Ugh, I'm feeling it today. Why is it so that I have to go a week to lose two or three pounds and yet gain them back on in 24 hours? I'm not doing that again. Well, at least not until my wife's birthday in April.
What he said
This ties in nicely with what I was saying the other day.