Wednesday, February 25, 2004

A Constitutional amendment to discriminate
Dang it, President Bush! He had my vote until yesterday, and now I don't know what to do. To me, the most important issue is still national security, and Bush is the only candidate that takes it seriously, yet his call for a Constitutional amendment to discriminate against homosexuals ticks me off. Even if you ignore the blatant bigotry, even if you pretend that adults do not have the right to marry whomever (whoever? sorry, I've never been good at whos and whoms) they choose, I have a hard time understanding why this requires amending the Constitution. This should be a state issue, and I thought Republicans liked Federalism. Apparently only when it suits them. Couple that with my disappointment with just about everything else in Bush's domestic policy (signing McCain-Feingold, protectionism, new entitlements, No Child Left Behind, ...) and I find myself wishing I had another option.

As for the amendment, I doubt it would pass, but if it does it'll be just like prohibition -it would be repealed ten or so years later. Then the law suits for reparations will come.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Republicans like Andersons
To continue the topic on how I keep getting letters from the Republican party, I found out over the weekend that my brother has also received the exact same mailings. He, too, has received two autographed photos of the First Couple and an invitation to join the Task Force. Now, my brother has been seriously considering joining the GOP, but he's still an independent. Yet these letters act as if he's already an active party member. The strange part is his wife really is a Republican and she hasn't received diddly-squat.

What did we do to get on the mailing list? The mystery deepens.

[UPDATE] Ah, it just occurred to me - we're both National Review subscribers. I bet they sold their list of subscribers to the GOP and they're assuming we're all Republicans. I also bet the Democrat subscribers (you know, those that want to know what the enemy's up to) aren't too thrilled about that.
The conspiracy continues
Ralph Nader is running. Surely Nader will receive votes that would have otherwise gone to the Democrat candidate. Is this part of a vast conspiracy, led by Karl Rove, to ensure Bush's reelection?