Friday, December 17, 2004

It looks like the time when humans become virtually immortal will arrive sooner than I thought. I'm not kidding. If they've figured out how to regenerate bone using adult stem cells, they'll figure out how to regenerate everything else.

UPDATE: Thought I should say that I don't have anything against outsourcing, just thought it was funny. I thought yesterday's Fox Trot was hilarious, too, if only because I'm a computer geek bearded fat guy, so it must be true.
Pardon my French,
but holy shit:
A 23-year-old woman who was eight months pregnant was killed at her home Thursday and had the fetus cut from her womb, authorities said.

The Nodaway County Sheriff's Department was investigating the killing of Bobbie Jo Stinnett and they were searching for the baby girl, who they believed could have survived.

"Someone was wanting a baby awful bad," said Sheriff Bill Espey.

Investigators want to question three people. Sheriff Bill Espey identified them as two men and a woman. He said they are looking for a 1980s or 1990s red, 2-door hatchback, possibly a Honda. It was seen in the driveway of the Stinnett home around the time of the murder.

The sheriff issued an Amber Alert for the missing fetus. Police are searching for an 8-month-old white, female fetus. It also suggested that things to look for in the case included "bloody clothing or towels, possible health issues with the fetus and a freshly cut umbilical cord."
The horror of this crime aside, I find it odd that the baby is still being referred to as a fetus. My daughter was born nearly a month premature and we didn't call her a fetus until her original due date rolled by. Sheesh. The baby's status changed as soon as it was taken from the body.

UPDATE: The baby has been found, and quickly. It looks like they used some computer-sleuthing to track down the killer/kidnapper.
The browser wars have resumed.
Microsoft better not relax. Observe.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Best of VDH
as compiled by Right Wing News.
Transforming the Pentagon and beyond:
Belmont Club posts about the difficulties in adapting the U.S. military for a protracted war on terror and concludes:
When Clausewitz referred to war as "politics by other means", he was speaking the literal truth. The scheduled January 30 elections in Iraq are just as much part of the war plan as the redeployment of the 3ID, a component in a larger plan that is beyond a SecDef to control. Whatever his defects and mistakes, Rumsfeld at least recognizes the need to transform the purely military aspect of American strength. The challenge, without which any military transformation will be negated, is to improve foreign policy and intelligence in the same way.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

My deepest sympathies
go out to the family of former Vice President Al Gore.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The evil keyboard,
though certainly a product of a diabolical mind, isn't so bad. I could probably use it for most typing, but not being able to find less commonly used (for me) characters like "[", "]" and "|", should I need them, would really throw me off.

My chief complaint: No numeric keypad.
Happy (Belated) St. Lucia Day.
Yes, I know it was yesterday. I forgot to post my greetings.