Friday, February 25, 2005

Intrepid reader, Jesse,
provided me with a story this morning. It seems that a student at Seaman High School in Topeka, KS has been given a place on a national hockey team, and they'll be touring the world, representing the U.S. and playing other nation's youth hockey teams. Congratulations to him/her.

Well, one of the stops is Sweden. Ah, ha! See where I'm going? Fred Phelps and his cadre of killjoys are going to be at the high school protesting, because, as we've all been told repeated, Sweden is the den of Satan (Norway is his pantry).

Phelps appears to be claiming that this kid's involvement in youth hockey in Sweden condones homosexuality, and thus Seaman High School will burn in hell fire for eternity. Follow that crazy train.

UPDATE: I note with a good deal of amusement that Ake Green, the Swedish minister whose imprisonment started this fracas, has publically distanced himself from Fred Phelps.


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