Tuesday, February 22, 2005

More overrought hand-wringing
over at The Crimson on the Lawrence Summers boondoggle. The best line from Michael Gould-Wartofsky is the opener:
So you say you want a resolution. You say you want the protection of academic speech. You say you want an open university. In the same breath, you decry the fact that your professors have the nerve to publicly debate the president of Harvard. You hope to hush the voices of women who assert they’ve been excluded at this place. And you would hate to see a community of intelligent people actually end up with a say in how things are done around here.
Yeah, right. The freedom of speech of Harvard professors is really at stake. Ptttthhhhhhhhhh. Summers has fallen on his sword so many times it's ridiculous, and I've yet to see any kind of call for the disgruntled among Harvard's faculty to shut up. If Gould-Wartofsky really sees people on campus screaming for the faculty to shut the hell up, then he needs to lay off whatever he's taking.

While I was on campus, there was a continuous call for more diversity. It was a the perennial hot-point of the left-of-center groups on campus. But what I always saw was that the diversity being called for was the shallowest kind: Skin color and gender. They didn't care one wit about getting conservatives and libertarians into the faculty. No, no, no. Ideologically, they all wanted good, died-in-the-wool liberals and radicals. Some diversity.

Gould-Wartofsky seems to be calling for the same thing, in a way. For example:
We should stand for a Harvard that welcomes academic inquiry from a Faculty far more representative of American society.
What do you think he has in mind? A faculty more representative of American society would be mostly white and Christian. Plus, given the results of the last Presidential election, far more conservative or right-leaning moderate. Do you think that's what he has in mind?


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