Thursday, March 10, 2005

Speaking of The Crimson,
they have a remarkably silly (even for them) op-ed this morning on a new campus business called Dormaid. As the name suggests, it's a cleaning service for your dorm, run by and for students. Harvard has a number of these, usually run by Havard Student Agencies. One of the more popular is the subscription laundry service, which I didn't use because it was too expensive.

Anyway, the editors at The Crimson believe Dormaid will further divide the campus along class lines:
But as appealing as the thought of a perpetually tidy room may be, (independent of family visits), Dormaid could potentially mess up as many rooms as it cleans. By creating yet another differential between the haves and have-nots on campus, Dormaid threatens our student unity.
Dippy. So, I wrote them:
I take it by today's op-ed (Maid for Harvard? 03/10/2005) that life is becoming more and more boring at my alma mater, for what other possible reason could there be to publish this insipid missive? If Harvard students aren't smart enough to figure out that there might actually be class differences in the Ivy League, then they probably shouldn't be attending an Ivy.

I was a financial aid student, and I thank Harvard for the generous aid package I received, but I didn't whine to the world that a bunch of rich kids were wandering around doing things I coudn't afford. If I wanted to eat out, I saved. If I needed my laundry done, I did it. I didn't sit in my dorm sulking about the unfairness of my having to, gasp, do things myself.

And, if you really think Dormaid will hurt campus life, then you've really got to be concerned that some students have rooms with fully decked-out entertainment centers, complete with multiple videogame consoles, and loads of other, high-end furniture, while others (such as myself in those days) have a dorm with one chair and a small, portable T.V. Do you propose to ban or regulate dorm furnishings, too?

As to the supposed problems springing up between roommates and the use of Dormaid, I think Harvard students are generally smart enough and mature enough to work that stuff out by themselves, don't you?


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