Friday, June 03, 2005

David, you may remember some of our
fulminations on Attorney-General Phil Kline's attempts to get access to abortion records here in Kansas. Rich Lowry's take can be found here.


Blogger David said...

I was originally questioning whether the existence of a pregnant teenager implies a rape. Now this is the first piece I've seen on the subject that uses some statistics, though Lowry doesn't say where his numbers come from. If it is true that 60% of teenage pregnancies involve an adult male, then that may be enough to be reasonable cause. Couple that with a guarantee that the girls' identities will be protected and I feel a lot better about it.

Lowry also mentions that Kline is looking for illegal late-term abortions. Now, if he actually has evidence that such has occurred (through an informant or such similar things), then I think he would have grounds for obtaining the records. But I haven't seen any indication that this is the case. So he's just fishing, hoping to find a crime where there's been no indication that one has occurred. Bad.

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