Thursday, June 02, 2005

Yeah, yeah, I know,
I haven't blogged for a while. Since this blog only has three readers (not including its three authors), I didn't figure a hiatus would really bother anyone. If Andrew Sullivan can take off the entire month of August every year, I can take off the month of May. Especially since I'm far more entertaining and logically consistent than Sullivan (whom, you should be happy to know, I actually haven't read in quite a long time).

A few left over thoughts for a bit:
  1. The revelations regarding Deep Throat: Whatever one thinks about Nixon and his involvement in Watergate, I do have to say that Deep Throat's being revealed makes the whole episode seem far less heroic. Deep Throat wasn't some flunky deep in the bureaucracy who had learned that the President was engaged in illegal activities. No, he was a high ranking government official throwing a hissy-fit because he wasn't named head of the FBI. Had he been made head of the FBI, he never would have come forward, and Nixon would have served his full term. How heroic is that?

  2. Doctors wanting to ban knives: Given the ease with which anything can be turned into a weapon, I don't see how banning knives is going to solve anything. Yeah, you might eliminate stabbing deaths (unlikely, because when has banning anything eliminated it?), but you'll see a precipitous increase in, say, beating-deaths with tire-irons or crowbars.

    This episode raises the question: Is public health the new Commerce Clause? The Commerce Clause in the U.S. Constitution is one of its most abused provisions. Intended to prevent New Hampshire and Vermont from engaging in tariff and boycott wars, it gave the U.S. government sole control over regulating interstate commerce. It's been used to justify almost every possible regulation because somewhere, somebody's doing something that involves movement across state lines. Will public health take its place now? Will we have to endure endless regulations because of over-zealous public health officials? Remember, it was the public health department in Boston that originally filed that city's lawsuit against gun manufactureres.

  3. Rainbow parties: When did pop-culture decide that being a whore was cool? Are girls being raised with such little self-respect that they see this as a viable guide to life in high school?

  4. Star Wars ROTS: It's the best of the prequels (my favorite in the series is still The Empire Strikes Back).

    Worst moment: "Hold me, Anakin, like you did by the lake in Naboo, when there wsa nothing but our love." That, or, "You're breaking my heart," said to Darth Vader by Padme after she figures out that he's become a murderous psychopath.

    Silliest moment: James Earl Jones yelling, "Noooooooooooooooo!" after crushing everything within a five-mile radius.

    Best moment: Emperor Palpatine gleefully whipping those Senate lift-pods at Yoda.

    As to David's controversy, I side with David's wife. If the Emperor could hold his own against Yoda, he could have held it against Mace. He allowed himself to be defeated so that Anakin would come in and seal the deal in becoming a Sith. Notice how the Emperor complains of having no power left, and then unleashes holy hell on Mace once the die is cast.

  5. President Brownback: Not going to happen. First, history teaches that Senators don't become presidents, Governors do (think Dole, Kerry, Ted Kennedy vs. Bush, Carter, Reagan and Clinton). Second, he isn't even party leadership. I know he's popular in some circles, but that doesn't mean anyone has any idea who he is. However, a presidential run is something that might make him more known. Do a preliminary run in 2008 to get his name out there, then run again in a future election.

  6. The flushing of the Koran: Since I've yet to see a toilet big enough to accomodate this task, I'm guessing this isn't true. Anyway, I'd like someone to explain why it is that if the U.S. government merely looks at the Koran funny, protests in the Muslim world kill a score or so and cause tremendous property damage, but when Muslims blow up their own stuff, other Muslims don't care.


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