Friday, March 18, 2005

Please, just go away.
Or, curl up into a little ball and stay in Topeka.

Word has reached me that Fred Phelps and his Solid Gold Dancers are coming to Lindsborg, KS again. This snippet was sent along to me, apparently from Mr. Phelps's website (to which I will not link, thank you very much).

Warning: Foul language and intellectual vomit follow.
Did you know that God hates Lindsborg?????

WBC to picket Little Sodom masquerading as Little Sweden aka Lindsborg, Kansas, ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) sodomite whorehouse masquerading as a church, &, fag-infested Bethany College - at their annual performances of "The Messiah" 3 p.m. Mar. 20 & 27

God hates fags and fag-enablers! Ergo, God hates Lindsborg, Bethany College, and ELCA--and all those unfaithful apostate hypocrites helping them drive their Satanic sodomite agenda straight into Hell.

Lindsborg is a filthy, tawdry little cesspool of stinking sodomites.
Hey, today's Easter Sunday. It's the holiest day in the Christian calendar, and our day to celebrate the Risen Lord. How do you want to celebrate? Let's go to a little Swedish town in the middle of Kansas and spew hate filled bile at little old ladies while they attend a performance of one of the most moving Christian oratorio pieces ever composed! Yeah!

Oh, come on. One has to stand back and marvel at the blackness of these people's souls. It's almost perfect and complete. I don't mean to come off as spewing hyperbole, but I don't know how else to describe a group of people who spend their time screaming foulness at passers-by, whose only sin is to live in Lindsborg, or to have a certain lineage.

As a side note, if Phelps and his merry band are this willing to castigate a whole nation because of their place of birth, or a community because of their ancestral origins, one what sort of other prejudices infest his mind. Phelps's declarations about Sweden and Lindsborg don't say, "Swedes and Lindsborgians who believe X are evil." No, they say that Sweden and Lindsborg, and all who dwell within (or, by extension, come from these places) are de facto evil. "God hates Lindsborg," as he says. Without knowing the content of my character or the shape of my ideas, I and everyone I grew up around have been castigated, condemned to an eternity in hell, merely for having he audacity to live in a small, rural community in central Kansas. That's very Christian.

Hell, the minister in Sweden (Ake Green) whose initial arrest started this whole fracas has been acquitted. The underlying grievance isn't even relevant anymore.

But, to sum up, because of the actions of an overzealous PC-speech code in Sweden, we learn that God hates:
  • Sweden: Phelps and his gyspy thieves openly celebrated the deaths of Swedes vacationing in Sri Lanka during the tsunami.

  • Lindsborg: We're descended from Swedes, you know. That whole family lineage thing. But does God distinguish between the ethnic Swedes, like myself, and those who live in Lindsborg, but may be of, say, Scottish or English descent? Or does merely living in a place mark one as the devil's own?

  • Bethany College: That's new on me. I didn't realize a whole college could be condemned because of the actions of a foreign country, but, hey, I try to apply logic to things. I also didn't realize he was casting his ire at the Terrible Swedes.

  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America: What? Why aren't the Missouri-Synod or Wisconsin-Synod wrapped up in this? It's not like ELCA is the only Lutheran group with Swedish roots. Come on, Mr. Phelps. Certainly God doesn't reserve his hatred for only ELCA-affiliated Swedish Lutherans.
One last thing, I would like to state the the snippet I posted above is a copy-and-paste job from one of WBC's official releases. Any poor grammar, etc, are purely theirs. I say this because I wanted to highlight a quibble. Why would God hate people who are driving "their Satanic sodomite agenda straight into Hell?" If God hates homosexuals, isn't that where He'd want their agenda, in Hell? Or am I missing something? No, no, no, sorry. I'm using rational thought again. My apologies, as that gives me an unfair advantage over the WBC.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Haven't been able to blog to tell you I'm not going to blog.
Allow me to complain a moment, but lately the tools used to create posts have been sloooooow or incapable of opening at all. I tried three or four times yesterday to make this post and was unable to get through. What's up with that?

Anyway, I won't be posting much for a while, perhaps a couple of weeks. A big project with a big deadline has surfaced at work and I won't have a lot of time to spare. My apologies to those that depend upon my wisdom to survive the day, all zero of you.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Here's a book that looks worth reading:
The PayPal Wars. The reviewer plugs one of his own books during the review, and given the reviewer's comments about The PayPal Wars, I bet it's good, too.