Friday, April 08, 2005

Hat tip to the Corner
for pointing out this story. Whatever our thoughts on the Terri Schiavo case, I think this is quite clearly wrong. The woman in question here, Mae Margouirk, has a living will that quite clearly states that she does not want to be removed from a feeding tube if she's not comatose or in PVS. She is not comatose, nor is she PVS.

Here's a newspaper article confirming the story.

A quote that should give pause, and which I'm sure will arouse ire from the disabled (or anyone with a conscience):
"Grandmama is old and I think it is time she went home to Jesus," [Beth Gaddy, Magouirk's granddaugher and the person who ordered food and hydration be withheld,] told Magouirk's brother and nephew, McLeod and Ken Mullinax. "She has glaucoma and now this heart problem, and who would want to live with disabilities like these?"

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Rush was talking today
about how the State of Maryland and Giant Food (a grocery store chain) are collaborating to hamper Wal-Mart's business int that state. Cafe Hayek has more on the subject:
Thank you for insulting the employees who choose to work at Wal-Mart for reasons you cannot decipher. Thank you for making it harder to operate a business and hire employees in our state. Thank you for making people's lives harder by making food more expensive. And most of all, thank you for encouraging other businesses to turn to you rather than trying harder as a way of staying in business.
Frankly, I don't know why so many people have it in for Wal-Mart. I personally don't like going there, but mostly because of its success (just so dang many shoppers). There's a reason for its success and why it employs so many people, and it ain't sinister. Let it roll, man!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

David, I wasn't aware
that there were any municipalities not fluoridating their water. This has been around so long, I thought it was just done. Apparently, I'm wrong.

Of course, Wichita had some major issue a few years ago when, I believe, they were going to stop fluoridation. Pro-flouridation groups raised the specter of tooth decay.

The best anti-fluoridation comment ever, though, is from Dr. Strangelove, in two exchanges between General Ripper and Captain Mandrake:
General Jack D. Ripper: Mandrake?

Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake: Yes, Jack?

Ripper: Have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water?

Mandrake: Well, I can't say I have.

Ripper: Vodka, that's what they drink, isn't it? Never water?

Mandrake: Well, I-I believe that's what they drink, Jack, yes.

Ripper: On no account will a Commie ever drink water, and not without good reason.

Mandrake: Oh, eh, yes. I, hmm, can't quite see what you're getting at, Jack.

Ripper: Water, that's what I'm getting at, water. Mandrake, water is the source of all life. Seven-tenths of this earth's surface is water. Why, do you realize that seventy percent of you is water?

Mandrake: Uh, uh, Good Lord!

Ripper: And as human beings, you and I need fresh, pure water to replenish our precious bodily fluids.

Mandrake: Yes.

Ripper: Are you beginning to understand?

Mandrake: Yes.

Ripper: Mandrake. Mandrake, have you never wondered why I drink only distilled water, or rainwater, and only pure-grain alcohol?

Mandrake: Well, it did occur to me, Jack, yes.

Ripper: Have you ever heard of a thing called fluoridation. Fluoridation of water?

Mandrake: Uh? Yes, II have heard of that, Jack, yes. Yes.

Ripper: Well, do you know what it is?

Mandrake: No, no I don't know what it is, no.

Ripper: Do you realize that fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous Communist plot we have ever had to face?
Ripper: Mandrake, do you realize that in addition to fluoridating water, why, there are studies underway to fluoridate salt, flour, fruit juices, soup, sugar, milk... ice cream. Ice cream, Mandrake, children's ice cream.

Mandrake: Lord, Jack.

Ripper: You know when fluoridation first began?

Mandrake: I... no, no. I don't, Jack.

Ripper: Nineteen hundred and forty-six. Nineteen forty-six, Mandrake. How does that coincide with your post-war Commie conspiracy, huh? It's incredibly obvious, isn't it? A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice. That's the way your hard-core Commie works.

Mandrake: Uh, Jack, Jack, listen, tell me, tell me, Jack. When did you first... become... well, develop this theory?

Ripper: Well, I, uh... I... I... first became aware of it, Mandrake, during the physical act of love.

Mandrake: Hmm.

Ripper: Yes, a uh, a profound sense of fatigue... a feeling of emptiness followed. Luckily I... I was able to interpret these feelings correctly. Loss of essence.

Mandrake: Hmm.

Ripper: I can assure you it has not recurred, Mandrake. Women uh... women sense my power and they seek the life essence. I, uh... I do not avoid women, Mandrake.

Mandrake: No.

Ripper: But I... I do deny them my essence.
So the local public water flouridation bill passed yesterday
and I'm not happy about it. I don't understand the necessity, as if people are incapable of brushing their own teeth. Talk about a nanny state! And don't tell me there are people out there that can pay their water bill but can't afford toothpaste. Horse hockey.
Hey all you Star Wars fans out there.
Get your own AT-ST, or at least something close to it. Really.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Bad news for freedom of speech.
San Francisco is considering regulating blogs and Canada has banned Captain Ed. What's this world coming to?

Kill-Bot and Monolith, we should now strive to get ourselves banned in France. Or Oregon. Your pick.

How would they handle regulating this blog? I live in Missouri, you guys live in separate towns in Kansas, and I don't even know where the blog server actually resides. If they were to, say, regulate blogging in, say, Lenexa, would Kill-Bot and I still be able to say whatever we want? Could Monolith just blog from Overland Park? What a mess.