Thursday, June 09, 2005

Joe should be delighted
because a Simpsons movie is in the works.
Probably not good for hunting pheasant
for they would turned to goo. The rail gun is becoming a reality:
The Z Machine is now able to propel small plates at 34 kilometers a second, faster than the 30 kilometers per second that Earth travels through space in its orbit about the Sun. That's 50 times faster than a rifle bullet, and three times the velocity needed to escape Earth's gravitational field.

The ultra-tiny aluminum plates, just 850 microns thick, are accelerated at 1010 g. One g is the force of Earth's gravity. Doing so without vaporizing the plates was possible because of the finer control now achievable of the magnetic field pulse that drives the flight.

Z's hurled plates strike a target after traveling only five millimeters, or less than a quarter-inch. The impact generates a shock wave -- in some cases, reaching 15 million times atmospheric pressure -- that passes through the target material. The waves are so powerful that they turn solids into liquids, liquids into gases, and gases into plasmas in the same way that heat melts ice to water or boils water into steam.
If the plates turn gas into plasma, wouldn't that fry the air around the gun? How do you keep from killing yourself or all your allies around you?
Intelligent Design isn't science
as explained over at TCS. Also this:
And while religion is at the core of ID, its proponents generate lots of science-y arguments. One of the best known ID-ers is Michael Behe, a professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University and author of Darwin's Black Box. Behe argues that it just isn't possible that random evolution could have produced the flagellum -- the propeller/tail -- on a bacteria. Such an organ, he concludes, is "irreducibly complex," which is to say, only a Master of Complexity could have created it.

But it's a fallacy to argue that just because one person -- or even all the people of an era -- can't figure out how something works, therefore such mysterious workings are beyond any human comprehension, ever.
Any Rand had a name for this, but I don't have it handy - perhaps the "fallacy of incredulity" or some such thing.
"I Am Indeed a Radical Individualist"
What that means over at Cafe Hayek. I wonder what they mean by "[I have] only limited interest in saving the souls of people I know and love".

Sure, I don't believe we each have a soul that needs saving. But to put it in the context of my view of reality, I have more than "only limited interest" in seeing to the welfare of my family. All things have limits, I suppose, but it sounds cold.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

For some reason I thought Caterpillar was in trouble.
Turns out I was wrong. Good.
Anne Bancroft
has died.
Is anyone really surprised
by this revelation?
The man's been dead
for almost 255 years, and he's still composing. Scholars have uncovered a previously unknown aria written by Johann Sebastian Bach.
Howard Dean is a nut-job.
Or as InstaPundit calls him, "a one-man ScrappleFace full-employment guarantee". How can the Democrats put up with this? Can you imagine what it'd be like if he were talking about crowds of blacks? Jeez.

UPDATE: Says Jonah:
George Orwell famously said "A man may take to drink because he feels himself to be a failure, but then fail all the more completely because he drinks." Well, similarly, a party may take to Howard Dean because it feels itself a failure, but then fail all the more completely because hired Howard Dean.
Better Than Ezra has a new album out.
They performed on Conan O'Brien last night and instead of playing something new, they played an old song off of Closer. What's up with that? Doesn't make me excited for their new album.