Saturday, June 18, 2005

A couple of years ago,
when my family was asking me for ideas for Christmas gifts, I shared that I wanted to read the Gulag Archipeligo and said that maybe that would be a good gift (full of Christams cheer, isn't it). Well, I got all three volumes for Christmas that year.

I've read one. I fully intend to read the other two, but the first was so emotionally draining that I need to prepare myself for the next one. The first volume was probably the most intense non-fiction I've ever read -- the only time I've nearly cried reading history.

Then I see that Dick Durbin makes comments likening the U.S. prison camp at Gitmo to gulags and Nazi death camps. It makes me want to take all three volumes of the GA, duct tape them together and smack him across the face.

That would be a solid book-smack.

I think I posted at one point that I have a certain test I employ: If someone uses ignorant historical comparisons in their discourse (Bush = Hitler, Gitmo = Auschwitz), then I no longer have to pay attention to that person. Durbin is now on my twit list.

In any case, Durbin has issued a "clarification."

Friday, June 17, 2005

"Freedom", "human rights" and "democracy" are profane words
at Microsoft's MSN Spaces, at least if the words are in Chinese. Tip to the Mighty Linker.
All over the Dick Durbin thing
at Michelle Malkin's site. She calls on her readers to call their Senators and ask for their reaction, but both Missouri Senators are Republicans, so I'm sure they are full of righteous anger. I am interested if there are any Democrat Senators that have taken a stance against Durbin. Anyone know of any?

UPDATE: Now she has a rundown of the reactions on the editorial pages of various newspapers. LGF notes that the Chicago Tribune is defending their Senator.
Okay, so I'll keep using Jay Nordlinger as a reference
for stuff to talk about. Like this:
Had the privilege of attending my five-year-old niece’s ballet recital the other night — at least it was a privilege to see her. And the other tots. The evening started out with little dancers, and pleasant music, and pleasant routines. Performing in this recital were pupils ranging from about three years of age, by the look of them, to about the end of high school. And as the evening progressed, the music got trashier, and the dancing got trashier, until it owed everything to MTV, if not the strip joint. I mean, that stage should have had a pole.
Yeah, that's why we stopped sending my daughter to ballet class, because it became clear they were interested in teaching her more provocative dance. Argh!
Waging peace:
From Jay Nordlinger:
Got a mailing, the other day, from a group called Live Liberal. Its slogan is, Â?Less about me, more about we.Â? Nice, sort of. With the mailing came a button, which said, Â?Liberals wage peace.Â? So thatÂ?s what they do! Nice job in Vietnam, guys Â? lot of peace those people had, after we abandoned the South. Liberal peace, of course, is the peace of the grave Â? or, worse, the concentration/reeducation camp.
He's right, of course. They want peace at all costs, even if it means the oppressionression and deaths of those we would be fighting for. And it's not just the left - many, many libertarians have similar beliefs.

I'll tell you what, though, I was pleasantly surprised by what Bill Clinton had to say about Iraq on David Letterman last night. I missed the first part of the interview, but I did get to hear him say that our troops need to remain in Iraq until the job is done and that it would be dangerous to set a deadline for our withdrawal. At a time when some Republicans have called for such a thing, that was refreshing.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Maybe know I can build my own.
How the Batsuit Works. Really.
Firefly has found a home
at the Sci-Fi Channel. Excellent.

I never saw Firefly when it originally aired on Fox - never even knew it existed - but a coworker insisted I watch the DVDs he had. I consumed all 14 episodes in one weekend and it wasn't long before I purchased the DVDs for myself. It's a brilliant show, a kind of outer-space western that has strong anti-statism themes.

It also boasts the funniest torture scene ever. Can't top that.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Michelle Malkin takes Andrew Sullivan
to the wood shed:
Sullivan concludes his post by claiming that Gitmo is "becoming the enemy's propaganda jewel.” The gullible Sullivan, the slippery Times' reporters, and their Gitmo-bashing ilk are all to eager to provide spit polish.
It's hard to believe no one noticed.
"Surgeons unwittingly use hydraulic fluid instead of soap". Next up: Surgeons unwittingly use catsup instead of blood.

Tip to Ben Reichelt.
"It was a great country we had here once."
QandO notes the infringements upon freedom of speech that may be coming from the FEC, particularly upon group blogs such as this. Did you know that Joe, Bart and I may be considered a political committee - and become regulated as a result - just because we share a blog?

Well, dammit, if we're a political committee then we need to start having meetings and plan some nefarious schemes. And we can't have a meeting without food. I'll provide the venue and the grill, Joe can whip up some fancy gourmet dessert and Bart can bring the hat-full of mints.
This is the official notice
that I don't care how the Michael Jackson trial turned out. Just thought everyone should know how passionate I am about my apathy.

Monday, June 13, 2005

The verdict's in.
Michael Jackson is found not guilty on all counts.