Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Folly and profit
Over at NRO, Deroy Murdock considers the silliness of taxing oil companies for supposedly making too much profit. If anything is clear from this, it is that they are all statists, Republican and Democrat.

The discussion club to which I belong is meeting this Friday with immigration being the scheduled topic. An important subject, to be sure, but I'd rather talk about the bigger problem: there are no (significant, reliable) representatives of free-market, Liberty-loving ideas in the Federal government. Let's acknowledge it and do something about it.


Blogger Jesse said...

Indeed. Sounds like a stimulating group. Perhaps you can be the voice for liberty and free markets. If those issues aren't paramount in this country (and defended), then who gives a rip about immigration laws. There would be little to protect in this country and little here for legal immigrants to pursue.

About imigration, I was quite surprised to see Bill Kristol on Fox News recently when he talked about how little the imigration issue actually mattered to conservatives. After long consideration, this finalizes my decision on which magazine to read in the battle of NRO vs WeeklyStandard. I only have so much time. It's NRO for me.

Of course, the biggest influencing factors have been you and Joe and your regular references to NRO.

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