Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Republicans are a disgrace"
So say Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren about the GOP's efforts to "fix" America's energy problems. The Republicans are abondoning their free-market roots in order to propose central-planning "solutions" based on bad information. Please read the whole thing. A taste:
Here's what they got: a pitch to have the feds establish a goal of reducing oil consumption by 20 percent by 2025. To get there, Kingston proposes to compel auto manufacturers to make flexibly fueled vehicles, to further expand the subsidies provided to those who buy hybrid-powered cars, and to unleash another avalanche of subsidies on exotic energy technologies far and wide. If we adopt this bill, Kingston believes that America will be energy independent by 2015.

Let's dwell on this for a moment. Government pronouncements that the economy produce x amount of this or consume y amount of that are the characteristics for which Soviet five-year plans were famous. Unfortunately, such dictates are all the rage in Washington today. One might expect free-market Republicans to be leery of such ham-handed intervention. But one would be wrong.


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