Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Some advice to Jack Bauer
The writers seem to be going out of their way this season to make Jack look like an idiot. I realize that the show would have to change its name to 3 if Jack did these things, but there have to be more clever ways to keep the show going without dumbing Jack down:
  • Next time you get a recording, especially an easily-duplicated digital one, make a stinkin' copy.
  • Ask the bad-guy-turned-mole what his plan is so you don't come busting in and mess it up.
  • Instead of hijacking a plane, consider asking the air marshal for help instead.
  • Let Audrey go - she makes you compromise.
  • Go ahead and, er, get all Jack-Bauer on the evil IT guy. He's asking for it, and he'd be unable to do any more damage.

By the way, if Aaron the secret service guy ends up dead, I will be very put out.


Blogger Jesse said...


I gouge my eyes out!!

I am so sad to hear about day 5. I should have resisted the temptation to read your post about Jack Bauer, but I could not resist.

Oh well. I will probably still watch day 5 as soon as I finish day 4 (only 8 hours to go, then I hope they have day 5 quickly ready).

Okay, popping my eyes back into socket...

1:04 PM  

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