Thursday, February 02, 2006

Let's give credit where it's due
Excuse me, Mr. InstaPundit (if that is your real name - sounds made-up to me), but Mad Magazine was all over this long before The Onion was forged [warning: The Onion article contains rough language]. I remember reading about the Trac LXXVI Razor when I was but a youngin' and thinking, "Wow, that looks painful". Probably why I don't like to shave to this day.

And no, I'm not sure how one would forge an onion.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Reminder: President Bush is not a conservative
Just refer to the following lines from Veronique de Rugy at NRO:
Last night there were two State of the Union addresses, and they offered radically different visions for America's future. One vision endorsed smaller government, permanent tax cuts, and individual liberty. The other approach offered a much more statist and paternalistic future for America, one where every possible problem, no matter how small, requires federal government action.

These two descriptions refer not to two addresses — one being George W. Bush's State of Union 2006 address and the other the Democratic response. Rather, these completely inconsistent messages were both part of the president's address.


Unfortunately, the president also used a New Deal script for part of his speech. Much of his time was used to propose over two-dozen new or expanded spending initiatives.


So which speech should we believe: The small-government or big-government speech? Do we believe the message of budget restraint from the White House or the calls for spending increases on the president's favored programs? The track record does not leave much room for optimism.


So when the president says the administration is really committed to fiscal responsibility, one should not let hope triumph over experience.


Today it is impossible to square the president's rhetorical support for free markets and limited government with the long list of programs and new initiatives that he claims to support.
Mr. President, if National Review doesn't trust you, you've got problems.